Sip expands range of front mowers

The Slovenian company Sip adds a larger front mower to their productrange. The Silvercut Disc 380F has a working width of almost 3.8 meters and a cutting capacity of 4.5 ha / h.

The front mower has been developed for large dairy farms with grassland close to the farm. According to the manufacturer, the mower fits optimally in combination with a loader wagon for zero grazing farms or as a front mower for the Silvercut Disc 1500 T. The mower is equipped with 9 cutting discs and 18 blades. The cutting height can be adjusted between 4 and 7 cm. The swath width can vary between 1.7 and 2.94 meters. The transport width is 3.77 m.

Author: Antoon

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