Column: A small donation can help to reach a big goal

In my previous column I already told you about my plans for growing strawberries in a greenhouse. The idea alone already generated a lot of media attention in my home country, but the implementation is something that I have to do myself.

Recently I have been looking at different types of greenhouses and finally found the solution for my farm! The greenhouse that I would like to build has a surface area of 650m² and costs approximately € 15 per square meter. So I have to make sure that I find € 10,000 in order to make the purchase. Since I am not entitled to any subsidies from the EU or from the Croatian state, I decided to look for another solution. I’m trying to fund my greenhouse trough crowdfunding. With a crowdfunding, I can collect small donations and hopefully raise enough money to invest in my greenhouse. If 500 people each donate €20, my goal is reached. The concept of crowdfunding is not new, but not often used for agricultural projects. I hope that my funding is successful, and other young farmers in Croatia, but also in other countries follow my example.

Do you want to give Matija’s project a small push? Donations can be made on the crowdfunding page: click here!

Author: Antoon

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