Fewer farmers but more accidents in Flanders


In Flanders, the number of farmers and horticulturalists is declining. However, the number of accidents on agricultural and horticultural businesses is increasing, according to an article by the Flemish Infocentre for Agriculture and Horticulture (VILT). VILT’s information is based on data from the Flemish Minister for Agriculture Hilde Crevits (CD&V).

The released data were requested by member of parliament Stijn De Roo (CD&V). The Federal Agency for Occupational Risks (Fedris) confirms the information. Still according to data from Ferdris, the number of accidents in the last three years (2018, 2019 and 2020) remains very high. The majority of these accidents (74%) occur on the company premises.

At the moment several initiatives that focus on occupational safety and first aid in case of accidents are already in place in Flanders. The starter courses for farmers also pay the necessary attention to first aid and prevention. And yet, the number of accidents is rising.

“Prevention and occupational safety still deserve extra attention”, stated Minister Crevits in a reaction to our colleagues at VILT. “Therefore, these issues were also included in the list of policy priorities.” The minister also stated that it is also possible for farmers to receive free advice on how to reduce various risks during a tour of their farms.

“It is abundantly clear that occupational safety in the agriculture and horticulture sector must continue to be a concern in the future. I think we can still go the extra mile,” concluded Stijn De Roo. “One possibility is to set up additional campaigns on occupational safety in the sector together with the agricultural organisations, which are in close contact with their members, and of course to provide the necessary financial resources for this.”

Source: VILT


Author: Kim Schoukens

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