International farmers’ protest in Brussels cancelled

The planned international farmers’ protest on 13 and 14 December in Brussels has been cancelled. Strict corona measures in several countries make participation impossible for many farmers.

Farmers from the Netherlands, France, Poland and Germany were to travel to Brussels on 13 and 14 December. Belgian farmers also joined the protest. Because of stricter measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers from Germany and Poland would have to go into quarantine after the action, and the holidays in the family circle would be jeopardised. Therefore, the action in Brussels is cancelled.  In the different countries actions would continue on the planned days, but what exactly is not clear yet.

The action was called for by the European Milk Board, farmers’ organisations in the Netherlands, France, Poland and Germany, among others. Farmers from other countries would also join in.
The organisations want to draw attention to, among other things, the competitive disadvantages of the greening policy in the European Union. It is unacceptable that European farmers have to meet ever-stricter standards, while food is still being imported from outside the EU that does not meet the same conditions. That is a distortion of competition. It does not even have to come from very far away. In the Ukraine, for example, the standards are much lower.

Source: Nieuwe Oogst

Author: Antoon

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