EU bets on biogas to reduce dependence on Russia

To reduce its dependence on Russian gas, the European Union wants to focus on biogas. The production of biogas should double as soon as possible according to the European Commission.

Last Tuesday, Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson and Climate Commissioner Frans Timmermans presented an “energy package”, which, among other things, mentions that EU citizens and companies themselves have to use energy much more efficiently in order to become less dependent on Russian gas. Biogas is also put forward in the package as a possible partial solution for reduced dependence. An additional advantage of biogas is its reduced methane emissions.

The biogas plants can also be seen as a strategic fuel reserve. Biogas can be stored seasonally and made available flexibly when needed. For industry, biogas can be a quick and alternative solution.

The European Commission is looking at doubling biogas production compared to 2015. The production of biogas can mean a new income for farmers.

Source: Nieuwe Oogst

Author: Antoon

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