Fendt shows first hydrogen tractor at German Hydrogen Summit

Yesterday, the Bavarian state ministry of economy, regional development and energy organised a hydrogen summit. Fendt presented their prototype hydrogen tractor there for the first time.

Fendt, together with other partners, is participating in the agricultural model project H2Agrar in Lower Saxony (Germany). This project aims to investigate the possibility of a hydrogen infrastructure for use in agriculture. Within the project, hydrogen-powered tractor prototypes will be used on farms on a regular basis for the first time. Fendt will deliver its two prototypes of the first generation of hydrogen-powered tractors to farms in Haren (Emsland) in Lower Saxony in April 2023.

The prototype Fendt hydrogen tractor, based on a new 700 Vario, is equipped with a fuel cell that combines hydrogen gas from the fuel tanks with oxygen from the air. This produces electricity that can be used to power wheel- and other engines. The prototypes will be operated under real-life conditions on two agricultural test farms in the Haren region of Germany throughout the project period. Among other things, the hydrogen consumption of the tractors will be measured during the project. At the same time, the technical requirements for a suitable hydrogen infrastructure for agriculture will be investigated. These findings form the basis for further research into reducing CO 2 emissions from agricultural vehicles.

Author: Antoon

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