Strawberries from Croatia

In his small village, Veliki Banovac, in the vicinity of Pakrac, Matija Brinjak is the only farmer that grows fruit. Without any experience he started growing strawberries. He financed everything with his own funds, and the effort invested in strawberries paid off in the first harvest. The young farmer harvested 2 tons of sweet fruits. This year, he is expanding production to watermelon and lettuce, and his plans are not over.

“If someone had told me ten years ago that I would be farming, I would have answered ‘no way.’ Now I’m growing fruits and vegetables on my open-air farm, ”says Matija.
In his family, Matija is the first generation of farmers, as he puts it, “the one who broke the ice.” Although employed by the Inclusion Promotion Association in Pakrac, Matija fell in love with outdoor produce two years ago when he decided to try fruit growing.

Want to know more about Matija’s story? Soon you can read everything here!

Author: Antoon

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